DAVED Body Blast Boot Camp 6

The best training program in Houston! Body Blast Boot Camp fits your budget and schedule!

Start transforming your body today! Lose weight, drop inches, get fit, and boost your metabolism! Body Blast Boot Camp offers a great workout, and you'll get great social support and accountability.

Experienced, knowledgeable, and professional personal trainers instruct each class! Don't worry about trying to figure out which workouts to start with and how much to lift, or how far to run. Our great instructors take care of it al! Just show up, and start reaching your fitness goals. 

The best cardio, resistance, and plyometric interval circuit class in HOUSTON!! Torch calories and get TONE. Burn maximum fat, tone and tighten your entire body, boost your metabolism!

Workouts aren't the only thing you get! Also Get awesome support that you get no where else! Weekly meal planing and nutrition guidance to help you reach your fitness goals! Instructors also provide 24/7 motivation, accountability and SUPPORT! YOU WON'T BE GOING AT IT ALONE! 


Sugar Land Fit Life Studio 15591 Creek Bend Drive Ste. 200 Sugar Land TX, 77478

www.slfitlife.com | [email protected] | 8COMOMM32-653-4009

Six (6) week free offer valid upon purchase of two (2) months of unlimited classes