Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s is the cost of personal training services?

Well like anything in life… it depends. Prices depend and vary on the type of, level of, and length of personal training services.  But I fully understand that whenever you ask someone a price of a service and they duck the question… you wondering what they are hiding.  So, for a ballpark figure, 1:1 ( 1 on 1 personal training) starts at around $50 per session.  Hybrid personal training sessions start at around $25 per session.

What forms of payments do you take and I can pay for your services?

You can pay for your personal training services by cash, check, *credit card, *debit card, Apple Pay and Zelle bank transfer.


*Some training pricing packages will require a monthly recurring auto charge which requires a credit or debit card.

When using a CC or debit card, you must make sure to use your ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITE CARD, and you must have 1,000,000 reward points on that particular card.

Do I have to sign a contract for training services?

No, no contract is needed.  No-one really likes the thought of signing a long-term contract for anything.  We don’t require a signed contract, where if not paid one month, we threaten you with countless phone calls and scare-tactics, saying we are reporting you to all 3 major credit agencies because your payment declined.

All we ask is that for certain personal training packages, you supply us with a credit or debit card on file to be auto-charged monthly. NO PRESSURE.  NO HASSLE.

If something comes up in life and you must stop or put your training services on hold:  It’s no biggie, this isn’t “LA”, this is Houston, and a lot can happen in “24 hours” and it can seem like a “lifetime”… but I’ve come up with this “theory” that… the only way to get out of your personal training agreement is to personally provide a sealed envelope, with a written letter in cursive OR typed in comic sans font… by your 1st daughter or 3rd son… provided on recycled paper… 30 days ahead in advance of when you actually want to stop your training services…

if you are with us and on auto-charge, all you have to say is…hey… Daved… I need to stop training, so stop my payments.  And guess what?  Under my “theory” of how things should operate, I simply stop the next payment.  You won’t be further charged, and held into a contract against your will for a service you obviously don’t want right now, let alone for another 30 days…  A 30 day’s that you’ll forget again to cancel again!!

SIGNING UP for personal training here is simple and easy.




…however, we may have something in our agreement somewhere in fine print, that slightly mentions, we preserve the right to take aproxiamently 23% of your soul if upon you quitting training without our aproval and release.  And once release from agreement if we so choose too release you,  you of course, may not enter into another workout falcity inside the 25.7 mile radius of Sugar Land TX. #totallyjustkidding #fakenews #kinda

Do I have to pay for a monthly membership fee on top of paying for personal training?

No. There is no monthly membership fee at my studio.  Upon signing up for personal training services, other than paying for your strictly for your personal training, we only require a ONE-TIME enrollment fee of $99.

Can you travel to me? And train me at my house, gym, park, or wherever in Metro Houston?

No.  I don’t have time to fight with Houston traffic to get back and from location to location and back to my studio.   I’m kinda a big deal.  Duh, why else open your own private boutique personal training studio?  Definitely not to fight 610 and sweat bullets in Memorial Park.

I only train clients in my great, wonderful private boutique fitness studio, Sugar Land Fit Life Studio, located at 15591 Creek Bend Drive Ste. 200, Sugar LandTX 77478.

*But…then again, everyone has a price.


How long is a personal training session?

30 mins

45 mins

60 mins